Fundraising Web Store Overview 

What is a Fundraising Web Store?

A Fundraising Web Store is ideal for both fundraising-selling opportunities and as a way to replace paper-based order forms. 

What Can I Sell?

You can choose up to 3 items for your fundraising web store. We currently have 7 items to chose from. You can design your items on our custom Design Studio or contact us and we can help you with the design process. 

How Does It Work?

Web Store Features:

  1. Store name
  2. Shopping Bag: Indicates quantity and sizes added to the card.
  3. Campaign Countdown (Optional): Displays the end date for the campaign and available days left in the campaign.
  4. Campaign Goal (Optional): You can display a dollar amount or until goal. Displays goal and goal progress
  5. Product title, description and available sizes 
  6. Add to Cart Button: Adds selected size to the cart and opens the Shopping Bag View
  7. Heading & Description: Title and description of the fundraiser / store
  8. Footer & Store Information: Displays store information